VALAME's unique disposal solution

Nowadays Europe’s asbestos waste are almost all sent to burying in landfill sites. But total asbestos removal will be a matter of 30 to 40 years. Based on that assessment VALAME is offering an alternative for asbestos waste management that is both innovating and eco-friendly. Our process is based on a french public research patented chemical process using hydrochloric acid, which is a commodity product widely spread in the
industrial sector. Our solution offers many edges : total destruction of asbestos waste which is both dangerous and toxic, a process that is energy efficient, an on-site disposal of asbestos, and upcycling solutions for outcoming products.


The outcoming products like amorphous silica have features making
them potential components of industrial products. In that means VALAME
struck a partnership with a renown research laboratory to conduct
formulation and tests in a means to closing the loop