Our solution

VALAME combines 2 cutting-edge innovations : a patented recycling process from french public research, implemented in a local operating model using our mobile plants. The VALAME asbestos disposal solution is a chemical treatment using acid that transforms asbestos fibers into inert solid waste.
This process is the only alternative to landfill of asbestos or vitrification. Our operating model is local meaning on the works site or
just close by. Our mobile plant is fitted into a 45 feet container and
installed allowing our team to process asbestos directly coming from the works site and in real time.

An eco-friendly, local and competitive solution

Our chemical process combined with a local intervention using mobile
plant is unique. That makes VALAME’s solution eco-friendly, local and
competitive with the following advantages :

  • No more need for asbestos waste storage and real-time treatment of 1 ton per day
  • Transfer of liability – no more nocivity means no more responsibility
  • Upcycling of the outcoming products into components of industrial

  • A truly eco-friendly solution in line with a circular economy vision